Maip Group Announces New Sustainable Polymers for the European Automobile Market

Maip Group | April 28, 2022

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Maip Group, a prominent multinational plastics formulator and compound maker, announces breakthrough compounds for new resins in the automotive sector as part of multi-year strategic cooperation with Eastman. In addition, Maip Compounding, the group's manufacturing subsidiary, announces the launch of the CherbioTM series of molecular recycling products based on Eastman's molecular recycling technologies.

Maip Compounding has introduced a new line of ISCC Plus certified compounded polymers. The new Cherbio (Chemical recycling biobased) collection of products will feature an array of aesthetic and practical products specially developed to incorporate various colors and distinctive effects.

Cherbio T is a polyester renewal material based on Eastman's technology that contains up to 50% certified recycled content* from post-consumer and post-industrial waste streams. Compared to mechanically recovered plastics, it performs as well as virgin plastics.

Cherbio C contains up to 48% biobased material derived from sustainably managed forests. Additionally, Eastman's carbon renewal technique utilizes mixed waste plastics to add 20% to 40% certified recycled content, * resulting in a material that is both biobased and certified recycled.

Eastman has launched a series of investments in molecular recycling facilities to create new sustainable materials. The first facility is scheduled to open in Kingsport, Tennessee, in late 2022, while the second in France is expected to open in 2025.

Eastman's well-established molecular recycling technologies enable genuine circularity for difficult-to-recycle plastic trash traditionally burnt or disposed of in a landfill. With molecular recycling, this difficult-to-recycle trash is disassembled into its molecular building blocks and reassembled to create first-quality material with no performance degradation. Eastman's polyester renewal technology enables materials to have a potentially limitless value by reusing their life cycle after life cycle. Due to the inherent efficiency of the technology and the renewable energy sources accessible in France, materials can be manufactured with up to 80% less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional methods.
To learn more, visit MAIP SRL in Milan, Italy, May 3–6, at the GreenPlast exhibition and conference, PAD 14, Corsia D, Stand 41.


Welcome to our Power and Renewable Energy Market Review for 2018. During the last 12 months, these industries continue to operate in a climate of change; as Selwyn Parker of Petroleum Economist notes in the leading article of the Review, the world has embarked on “an epochal transition” away from hydrocarbonfuelled economic growth. A key driver of this transition is the imperative to meet the Paris Agreement goals of keeping global warming well below 2°C (relative to pre-industrial levels) and pursuing measures to keep the rise to 1.5°C.

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Wien Energie and RIDDLE&CODE Extend Their Partnership to Support and Accelerate Global Decarbonisation Efforts

Wien Energie | December 16, 2021

RIDDLE&CODE Energy Solutions, a subsidiary firm of the leading European blockchain interface company RIDDLE&CODE, announced a joint venture partnership with the largest energy provider in Austria, Wien Energie. The signing of the agreement took place on 9 December, with the objective of accelerating global decarbonisation efforts and distributing solutions that have proven effective in Vienna to customers worldwide. Under this agreement, Wien Energie and RIDDLE&CODE will share financial and technological resources to provide cutting-edge services and continue shaping the future of the energy market. A joint venture of two companies that have collaborated for years will leverage Wien Energie’s technical, commercial and legal expertise in the energy sector and access to more than two million customers, and RIDDLE&CODE’s know-how in asset tokenization. The energy market is complex, and the complexity further increases with decentralisation.Wien Energie has long-standing experience of decarbonising energy production portfolios. RIDDLE&CODE helps bring more transparency and traceability into the system, while incentivising sustainable business models, such as our dynamic Citizen Solar Power Plant. We are looking forward to strengthening our collaboration with our signature today and opening the next successful chapter for this young company." Michael Strebl, Wien Energie CEO Citizen Solar Power Plant utilises energy tokenization platform MyPower, patented Trusted Gateway and the regulatory-compliant Token Management Platform, which provides the foundation for trusted data sharing. Upcoming MyPower releases will focus on creating data market interfaces for all machines connected to the energy grid and offering tokenized green power purchase agreements. It will also focus on opening the platform’s capabilities to the automotive industry to create a “Green Mobility Chain of Trust”, which will provide a chain of evidence between green energy sources, charging stations and battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Wien Energie Wien Energie is one of Austria’s largest utility providers, responsible for ensuring the reliable supply of electricity, natural gas and heating to around two million people, 230,000 businesses and industrial facilities, and 4,500 farms in the Greater Vienna metropolitan area. RIDDLE&CODE Energy Solutions RIDDLE&CODE Energy Solutions, a subsidiary firm of the leading European blockchain interface company RIDDLE&CODE, provides the blockchain-powered infrastructure that enables resilient, low-cost and green electricity production and builds a foundation for a decentralised urban energy marketplace.

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OhmConnect Partners with Redondo Beach City Leaders to Shut Down High-Pollution Peaker Plant on Beach

OhmConnect | May 19, 2022

OhmConnect, the world's leading residential energy flexibility provider, today launched a campaign in partnership with the City of Redondo Beach to shut down the AES Redondo Beach power plant. The 68-year-old gas-fired peaker plant, which incongruously sits on a public beach, has long been a blight to residents and visitors. "This power plant is a relic of a different era and needs to be shut down permanently, With OhmConnect, we have an opportunity to take action by powering down and preventing this power plant from turning on and polluting our community." -Mayor Bill Brand. The campaign, with the social media hashtag #PowerDownForGood, invites residents to help keep the AES power plant from turning on and polluting the ocean and air. Participants will receive alerts to power down when electricity is in high demand, which is when peaker plants like AES are called upon to make up the shortfall. "When you save energy between 4-9 p.m., especially this summer, you help keep peaker plants like the AES Redondo Beach from turning on, Our long-term goal is to eliminate the need for peaker plants entirely by giving people the power to reduce stress on the grid and get paid for saving electricity." -OhmConnect CEO Cisco DeVries. As part of the campaign, participants will receive a $25 sign-up bonus just for joining OhmConnect's free energy alert service. In addition to helping shut down peaker plants, participants will also get paid for the electricity they save during energy-saving events, which is made possible by selling the unused power back to the grid. The Redondo Beach City Council voted unanimously to approve the #PowerDownForGood campaign last week. At a previous meeting, during which the City Council voted to partner with OhmConnect, one council member signed up for the free service on his computer, showing how easy it is to participate in the free program. The AES Redondo Beach power plant has been slated to close since 2010, when the state water board approved phasing out power plants that use ocean water to cool their operations. These power plants suck in ocean water and then drain the heated water back into the ocean, killing wildlife and damaging the local ecology. That's in addition to spewing smoke that diminishes air quality for residents and contributes to global warming. The AES Redondo Beach power plant was supposed to be shuttered on Dec. 31, 2020, but its closure has twice been postponed by state officials citing the threat of summer blackouts as the reason to keep the prehistoric plant on standby. Even AES has expressed a desire to shut down the plant if they are permitted by the state. "AES has recently announced they are committed to finally retiring the Redondo Beach power plant at the end of 2023, unless it's postponed again by state officials, Joining #PowerDownForGood is something we can all do to make a real difference in a concrete and measurable way to protect our environment, move towards a greener future, and save money at the same time." -Redondo Beach City Attorney Mike Webb. Even if you don't live in Redondo Beach, you can still join the campaign and contribute, due to the interconnected nature of California's electric grid. There are almost 80 gas-fired peaker plants like AES Redondo Beach throughout California that could turn on this summer and spew pollution if electricity demand during peak periods is not reduced. About OhmConnect OhmConnect, winner of the 2021 Fast Company World Changing Ideas Award, helps hundreds of thousands of customers manage their at-home electricity and rewards them for smarter energy use. The company pays its customers for saving electricity when the grid is stressed and likely to utilize dirty power, unlocking clean, affordable, and reliable energy. With more than $17 million in rewards paid to its customers, OhmConnect is making a future of 100% clean energy accessible to everyone.

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CATL's Sichuan Plant Certified as World's First Zero-carbon Factory in New Energy Industry

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. | March 26, 2022

Sichuan Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL-SC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CATL, received the PAS 2060 certification on carbon neutrality from the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company SGS in March, making the plant the world's first zero-carbon factory in the new energy industry. Zhu Yunfeng, general manager of CATL-SC, said the plant has begun to craft the zero-carbon roadmap at the early stage of its establishment. Through continuous innovation in energy utilization, transportation, logistics, and manufacturing, the factory is able to produce more products of higher quality with less raw materials and carbon emissions. "Zero carbon" has become one of the core competencies of CATL-SC. CATL-SC has taken multiple measures to reduce carbon emissions. It has developed a trailblazing smart plant management system, which enables the interconnection of data through automatic capture of the plant system data and equipment operation data. Meanwhile, the systematic facility management platform helps to realize the safe, reliable, high-efficiency and low-carbon operation of the factory. For equipment groups with high-energy consumption, by using a global optimization algorithm, it has calculated each sub-equipment's operating parameters with the lowest total energy consumption of the system. In terms of green manufacturing, CATL-SC has built a central control and management system for digital production. Equipped with global visual management, it has significantly reduced process losses, and with the support of the AI visual inspection system, which features automatic learning and extraction of defect characteristics, it has improved the detection rate in processes such as slitting and calendaring. All the waste produced during manufacturing will be recycled, and the recovery rate of precious metals such as nickel, cobalt and manganese can reach 99.3%. CATL-SC has comprehensively upgraded the logistics chain and factory transportation by widely applying driverless logistics vehicles, electric forklifts, etc., which enables zero-carbon operation among supplier factories, raw material warehouses, processing factories, finished product warehouses, and customers' factories. At the same time, employees are encouraged to use electric vehicles and shared mobility, thus reducing their carbon footprint in all aspects of production and life. CATL-SC is located in Yibin, southwest China's Sichuan Province. Three rivers, namely the Jinsha River, Minjiang River and Yangtze River traverse the city's northern part, providing a superior natural environment, unique geographical location and abundant water resources, which enables CATL-SC to reduce 400,000 tons of carbon emissions every year as over 80% of its energy consumption comes from hydropower. The certification marks a significant milestone for CATL towards its carbon neutrality goals. As the world's first zero-carbon battery plant, CATL-SC sets an example of how battery production can be carbon neutral, and also offers a brand new solution featuring electrification + zero carbon to the market. In the future, CATL will replicate its experiences in the "lighthouse factory" in other facilities in an effort to achieve carbon neutrality for all its 10 production bases worldwide, thus building a more sustainable industry ecosystem and contributing to the global carbon neutrality goal.

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Medallion Launches New Clean Energy Technology Strategy

Medallion | April 27, 2022

Medallion Resources Ltd., is pleased to announce the launch of a new strategic plan (the “Strategic Plan”) to position the Company in the near term as a technology leader within the industries essential to the generation, storage, and efficient use of clean energy. Key parts of the plan include a strengthened executive leadership team, up-listing to Nasdaq Capital Markets, and rebranding as Medallion Innovations Corp. to better reflect the future direction of the Company. Medallion’s focus has been to identify and develop innovative technologies for the rare earth element (“REE”) industry that, when compared with incumbent technologies, are lower cost and reduce the environmental and social impacts of production. Implementation of the new Strategic Plan is intended to enhance Medallion’s existing REE processing technology portfolio by identifying, incubating and gaining exclusive rights to the commercialization of additional innovative technology platforms across the entire REE value chain and broadening its focus to include other high-performance materials. Medallion believes that its technology portfolio will continue to facilitate the production of materials, deployment of processes, and/or generation of essential data for the clean energy transition. The clean energy transition, involving the widespread generation of renewable energy and the electrification of transport is now demonstrating dramatic growth that is at risk because of weaknesses in global supply chains. Medallion’s new Strategic Plan reflects the global shift from fossil fuel-based to a minerals-based economy centered on “friendly nations” and is intended to position the Company for better access to capital, a larger playing field, and importantly the ability to build a team with the essential skills and experience in technology development and commercialization. Medallion believes that up-listing to the Nasdaq Capital Markets (“NasdaqCM”) will significantly strengthen the Company’s profile and increase the capacity for US and international shareholders to invest in the REE and clean energy technology sectors. Upon completion of the Nasdaq up-listing, Alfredo Ramos Plasencia will join the Company as Chief Executive Officer and Director, while Dr. Kurt Forrester will join the management team as Chief Technology Officer and continue to serve as a Director. Mark Saxon will continue as a Director and assume a business development role focused on mining industry opportunities. As previously announced, the Company has engaged Chardan Capital Markets LLC (“Chardan”) to advise on an up-listing and simultaneous financing. The up-listing to the NasdaqCM is conditional on Nasdaq accepting the Company’s listing application, including the Company’s plan to meet the Initial Listing Requirements, and a registration statement being declared effective by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). The Company is preparing to file a registration statement with the SEC on Form F-1 before the Annual General and Special Meeting of Shareholders (the “Shareholders’ Meeting”) on May 27, 2022 in Vancouver, B.C. Medallion has begun the Nasdaq listing application process and has reserved the trading symbol “MDL” for trading on NasdaqCM after the up-list. Medallion President & CEO Mr. Saxon stated “Medallion is setting the course for a strong and positive impact in the supply of materials and technologies for the energy transition. Our recent successful partnerships in the REE sector, based on deep industry knowledge and connections, have laid the groundwork for where we see many value-add opportunities. The proposed business and management changes deliver the opportunity to accelerate in line with the renewable energy and EV markets.” “I am excited to be entrusted with the CEO role at Medallion at this key time in the Company’s history. My experience in the identification, incubation and commercialization of breakthrough technologies matches well with the new Strategic Plan. Medallion’s past investment in REEs and methodology in identifying new investment opportunities provides an excellent platform for future development.” -Mr. Ramos Medallion – the New Vision The clean energy transition has triggered a fundamental change in the consumption of materials, as single-use oil, gas and coal is replaced by renewable energy alternatives. Energy generation and storage is now increasingly linked to high performance, critical raw materials at a time of heightened supply chain vulnerability, which has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and recent geopolitical instability. Over the past decade, the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Korea have increasingly focused on the supply chain for critical minerals and, in the U.S., REE supply chain resilience is a bipartisan issue.

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Welcome to our Power and Renewable Energy Market Review for 2018. During the last 12 months, these industries continue to operate in a climate of change; as Selwyn Parker of Petroleum Economist notes in the leading article of the Review, the world has embarked on “an epochal transition” away from hydrocarbonfuelled economic growth. A key driver of this transition is the imperative to meet the Paris Agreement goals of keeping global warming well below 2°C (relative to pre-industrial levels) and pursuing measures to keep the rise to 1.5°C.