Palmetto Raises $375 Million to Accelerate Residential Clean Energy Independence

Palmetto | February 25, 2022

Palmetto, a leading clean energy marketplace and technology services platform, announced it has raised approximately $375 million to accelerate the adoption of residential solar and clean energy independence across the United States. The round was led by Social Capital, with participation from new and existing investors including ArcTern Ventures, Gaingels, Lerer Hippeau, and MacKinnon, Bennett & Co. (MKB).

Palmetto's Unique Approach to Clean Energy Adoption
The residential solar market primarily consists of asset-heavy, low-margin business models, which make the transition to a clean energy system expensive for both homeowners and providers. While residential solar represents a more than $100 billion total addressable market, only 3% of the more than 70 million homes across the U.S. utilize solar energy.

Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to face an energy crisis on many fronts, ranging from reliance on carbon-based fuels to struggling utility companies with aging infrastructure, existential liabilities, and rising energy bills.

By leveraging proven business models – such as third-party services marketplaces and subscription-based revenue models – Palmetto is able to maintain substantially lower operating costs compared to peers and pass those savings onto homeowners, ultimately making clean energy adoption more accessible and affordable for Americans.

The company takes a marketplace-based approach to the most expensive aspects of the residential solar value chain – customer acquisition and installation – by facilitating a third-party network of trained sales specialists and certified technicians. Combined with Palmetto's proprietary software platform that manages the survey, design, engineering, financing, permitting, maintenance, and active system monitoring aspects of the transaction, the company offers a complete end-to-end transaction platform without the operating expenses of a vertically-integrated provider.

As a result, Palmetto is able to offer its customers a path to clean energy independence at a cost up to 30% lower than its peers. This model also decouples revenue growth from operating expenses, creating a win-win-win-win for homeowners, Palmetto's network of sales and build members, shareholders, and the broader advent of clean energy independence.

Palmetto will use the funds to invest in growing its marketplace of independent contractors, as well as the technology, people, and resources to maintain – and over time grow – its overall operating efficiencies in order to expand its addressable market.

Management Comments

Palmetto is the first distributed energy company built from a software foundation, which enables us to scale unlike any other clean energy provider and make real progress towards our mission of mitigating climate change. I honestly believe that in the same way the cell phone fundamentally changed the telecom market, Palmetto has the opportunity to do the same to the centralized fossil fuel industry."

Chris Kemper, Chairman, Founder, and CEO of Palmetto

Kemper added: "This is a major milestone not only for Palmetto, but for the entire clean energy sector. We remain hyper-focused on offering the best residential solar product on the market, which we aim to do through seamless execution of our unique operating model. We look forward to the next step of our evolution whereby we expand our marketplace to include other cost-saving products and services that empower homeowners to achieve energy resilience and independence."

Chamath Palihapitiya, Founder and CEO of Social Capital, said: "Each year the energy crisis in the U.S. becomes more visible and urgent – utility companies are becoming even less reliable, climate calamities have exposed our aging infrastructure, and energy prices continue to rise. Palmetto is taking a fresh and unique approach to the residential solar model, making it easier than ever for homeowners to become energy independent, a major step towards a sustainable energy future. We are excited to back Chris and his team on their mission to solve one of the biggest existential threats of our generation."

The company also announced that Chamath Palihapitiya and Nirav Tolia, Co-founder and former CEO of Nextdoor, have joined Palmetto's Board of Directors. They join other directors and advisors, including Joanne Bradford (former Pinterest and SoFi), Monica Wililams (Equity Project), Francis Suarez (Mayor of Miami), Will Szczerbiak (Greycroft), Kyle Burks (STR Services), Jared Wray (Palmetto, CTO & Co-Founder), and Sean Hayes (Palmetto, Founding Team).

About Palmetto
Palmetto is committed to the democratization of energy by putting power and control back in the hands of consumers and inspiring them to make environmentally responsible choices. The company has developed a clean energy marketplace, with proprietary technology designed to make it easier and more affordable for homeowners to source their energy from renewables like solar power. Palmetto is an award-winning company and most recently was awarded Sustainable Company of the year by Best Company.

About Social Capital
At Social Capital, we make big bets on transformational ideas, technology, and people. We strategically invest in smart, profit-minded opportunities and forward-thinking social investments that have the potential to shape a better future.

We do this from a balance sheet of permanent capital to support entrepreneurship at all stages. This allows us more flexibility to double down on our convictions, without the limitations of traditional fund structures, and gives founders the runway and resources necessary to succeed. We believe in the outsized potential of for-profit businesses to drive impact in the world. We aim to set a new standard for what capitalism can be.


Trust Solar is a Cape Town Based Solar PV company that specialize in sustainability and renewable energy through Solar PV installations. We offer Renewable Energy Solutions that save you money from day one without any capital outlay Grid-tied solar system are commonly used by homes and businesses. This type of system is connected to the public electricity grid/supply and does not need battery storage. A UPS battery system can be added for Load Shedding A hybrid system is a more modern type of system. It comes in many configurations, it makes use of both the Off-Grid and Grid-Tied system, which uses both battery & solar.

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Branch Energy and ENGIE Energy Marketing Announce $40M Wholesale Power Supply Facility Agreement

Branch Energy | January 13, 2022

Branch Energy, a technology-focused green energy provider, and ENGIE Energy Marketing, NA, Inc, a subsidiary of ENGIE S.A., announced a $40M strategic non-dilutive wholesale power supply facility. The agreement will provide Branch Energy with access to U.S. wholesale energy markets and working capital, as well as the ability to leverage ENGIE Energy Marketing's extensive renewable energy platform. Branch Energy both sells electricity with an easy-to-use platform and leverages data and artificial intelligence (AI) to determine which smart devices will help reduce a consumer's energy bill the most and helps to coordinate the installation and financing of the devices. This combination of green energy and energy-monitoring smart devices not only saves consumers money but also reduces their carbon footprint. ENGIE has one of the fastest growing portfolios of renewable generation assets in North America which makes it the perfect partner to help us grow. We are thrilled with the far-reaching impact this will allow Branch to have." Daniel MacDonald, Branch Energy President Earlier this year, Branch Energy launched its first market in Texas. The new facility will enable the company to accelerate its growth in the state and to expand into markets across North America. "ENGIE has made some of the most aggressive commitments in the industry to cutting carbon emissions and expanding renewable generation," said Ken Robinson, ENGIE Energy Marketing President. "Partnering with retailers who have committed to 100% carbon-free power is directly aligned with these commitments, and we are delighted to be partnering with Branch Energy." About ENGIE Our group is a global reference in low-carbon energy and services. Together with our 170,000 employees, our customers, partners and stakeholders, we are committed to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral world, through reduced energy consumption and more environmentally-friendly solutions. Inspired by our purpose ("raison d'être"), we reconcile economic performance with a positive impact on people and the planet, building on our key businesses (gas, renewable energy, services) to offer competitive solutions to our customers. Turnover in 2020: 55.8 billion Euros. The Group is listed on the Paris and Brussels stock exchanges (ENGI) and is represented in the main financial indices (CAC 40, Euronext 100, FTSE Eurotop 100, MSCI Europe) and nonfinancial indices (DJSI World, DJSI Europe, Euronext Vigeo Eiris - Eurozone 120/ Europe 120/ France 20, MSCI EMU ESG, MSCI Europe ESG, Stoxx Europe 600 ESG, and Stoxx Global 1800 ESG). About Branch Energy Branch Energy is a green energy provider dedicated to helping consumers lower their monthly bills and carbon footprint through the use of smart technology. Through data analysis and the use of AI, the company pinpoints which smart devices will offer the most help to reduce a consumer's bill, and then helps them finance and install those devices.

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XCMG Pushes for Carbon Neutrality within Its Operating Boundaries by 2049

XCMG | February 22, 2022

XCMG releases a program of action (PoA) for peak carbon and carbon neutrality, detailing planning, implementation and actual safeguard measures of sustainable transformation paths — including low-carbon transformation of energy consumption structure, green and intelligent manufacturing integration and upgrade, emissions reduction with supply chain alliance and digitalized, intelligent advancement. The PoA also specifies XCMG's short-, mid- and long-term targets in achieving "dual carbon" goals, that by 2035, power generated from renewable energies will account for 50 percent of XCMG's total electricity use, product penetration of new energy products will thrive to exceed 35 percent, and the carbon footprint of key products including excavators and cranes will be reduced by 32 percent compared to 2020. The action plan for 'dual carbon' goals aims to establish a uniform and precise approach in terms of strategy to help XCMG in building a green value chain with innovation-enabled, low-carbon intelligent construction machinery solutions achieved through technology, manufacturing, service and operation management, and we're committed to making great contributions to the sustainable development of society." Wang Min, Chairman and CEO of XCMG The PoA elaborated on XCMG's long-term vision of going green and low-carbon and key missions that are already carried out actively to explore engineering technologies in the hope of creating net-zero carbon values for global construction: New energy, low-carbon technologies and products: XCMG has developed more than 50 items of green, energy-saving core technologies, building production clusters of new energy and low-carbon products as well as pilot unmanned, intelligent application scenarios. Green and intelligent manufacturing: XCMG has three green factory demonstration companies accredited by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People's Republic of China and one green supply chain demonstration company, XCMG Hosting Machinery is the industry's first company to pass the level-4 certification of intelligent manufacturing capability maturity. XCMG also took the lead in establishing two green design product standards. Green supply chain: continues to promote energy conservation, emission reduction, recycling, green and low-carbon management throughout the supply chain, paying more attention to product life, energy consumption, hazardous substances and abandonment management. XCMG has recycled over 10,000 packaging materials in the recent two years. Reducing energy consumption and emissions: XCMG has built a smart, full lifecycle energy management system. In 2020, the company's energy consumption per 10,000 yuan of output value has been reduced by 29.3 percent compared to data from 2015. The construction of centralized collection and treatment facilities for fumes and dust is covering all of the welding areas, and the company has invested over US$47.4 million to reinforce VOC emissions in coating over the past three years. Short term, XCMG aims to reduce comprehensive energy consumption per unit by 15 percent and carbon emission by 26 percent by the end of 2025, compared with 2020. By 2027, XCMG aims to reach peak carbon within its operation boundaries and lower comprehensive energy consumption per unit by 18 percent and carbon emission per unit output by 31 percent compared to 2020. Total energy consumption wise, XCMG expects to grow self-generating photovoltaic power and wind power seven-fold, and market penetration of new energy products will reach 25 percent. In the long term, XCMG strives to be carbon neutral within its operation boundaries by 2049, promoting emission reduction of upstream and downstream enterprises across the industry chain and establishing a low-carbon, clean, safe and efficient green energy system with internationally advanced energy utilization efficiency.

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OhmConnect Partners with Redondo Beach City Leaders to Shut Down High-Pollution Peaker Plant on Beach

OhmConnect | May 19, 2022

OhmConnect, the world's leading residential energy flexibility provider, today launched a campaign in partnership with the City of Redondo Beach to shut down the AES Redondo Beach power plant. The 68-year-old gas-fired peaker plant, which incongruously sits on a public beach, has long been a blight to residents and visitors. "This power plant is a relic of a different era and needs to be shut down permanently, With OhmConnect, we have an opportunity to take action by powering down and preventing this power plant from turning on and polluting our community." -Mayor Bill Brand. The campaign, with the social media hashtag #PowerDownForGood, invites residents to help keep the AES power plant from turning on and polluting the ocean and air. Participants will receive alerts to power down when electricity is in high demand, which is when peaker plants like AES are called upon to make up the shortfall. "When you save energy between 4-9 p.m., especially this summer, you help keep peaker plants like the AES Redondo Beach from turning on, Our long-term goal is to eliminate the need for peaker plants entirely by giving people the power to reduce stress on the grid and get paid for saving electricity." -OhmConnect CEO Cisco DeVries. As part of the campaign, participants will receive a $25 sign-up bonus just for joining OhmConnect's free energy alert service. In addition to helping shut down peaker plants, participants will also get paid for the electricity they save during energy-saving events, which is made possible by selling the unused power back to the grid. The Redondo Beach City Council voted unanimously to approve the #PowerDownForGood campaign last week. At a previous meeting, during which the City Council voted to partner with OhmConnect, one council member signed up for the free service on his computer, showing how easy it is to participate in the free program. The AES Redondo Beach power plant has been slated to close since 2010, when the state water board approved phasing out power plants that use ocean water to cool their operations. These power plants suck in ocean water and then drain the heated water back into the ocean, killing wildlife and damaging the local ecology. That's in addition to spewing smoke that diminishes air quality for residents and contributes to global warming. The AES Redondo Beach power plant was supposed to be shuttered on Dec. 31, 2020, but its closure has twice been postponed by state officials citing the threat of summer blackouts as the reason to keep the prehistoric plant on standby. Even AES has expressed a desire to shut down the plant if they are permitted by the state. "AES has recently announced they are committed to finally retiring the Redondo Beach power plant at the end of 2023, unless it's postponed again by state officials, Joining #PowerDownForGood is something we can all do to make a real difference in a concrete and measurable way to protect our environment, move towards a greener future, and save money at the same time." -Redondo Beach City Attorney Mike Webb. Even if you don't live in Redondo Beach, you can still join the campaign and contribute, due to the interconnected nature of California's electric grid. There are almost 80 gas-fired peaker plants like AES Redondo Beach throughout California that could turn on this summer and spew pollution if electricity demand during peak periods is not reduced. About OhmConnect OhmConnect, winner of the 2021 Fast Company World Changing Ideas Award, helps hundreds of thousands of customers manage their at-home electricity and rewards them for smarter energy use. The company pays its customers for saving electricity when the grid is stressed and likely to utilize dirty power, unlocking clean, affordable, and reliable energy. With more than $17 million in rewards paid to its customers, OhmConnect is making a future of 100% clean energy accessible to everyone.

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Next Earth and SEE Turtles Collaborate on Metaverse Charity Game for Earth Day

Next Earth | April 23, 2022

Our planet is in crisis, but you can help make a difference, even from the comfort of your home. Next Earth , the third largest metaverse, is teaming up with SEE Turtles to launch a new game with a cause: players can purchase land in the metaverse, with a portion of the proceeds going to real-life environmental projects. Having already allocated $1 million to environmental issues, Next Earth is committed to making a difference. Users can now buy land in select metaverse territories, with a chance to win $200,000 worth of NXTT or five unique NFTs. In each transaction, 20% of the proceeds will go to SEE Turtles, which will use the funds to implement plastic removal projects in the same locations in the real world. How to participate in the game In this campaign, players can help clean up the environment by purchasing land on one of the designated territories. In the game, you will participate in a treasure hunt by looking for prizes hidden under the garbage. Next Earth placed $200,000 worth of NXTT in various denominations under the tiles, along with 5 unique NFTs made by TinyWasteland. The campaign will launch in May, and Next Earth will announce the exact date soon. Noemi Magyar , Head of CSR at Next Earth, and Brad Nahill , President of SEE Turtles, joined forces for a live stream on April 21 to discuss their partnership and how donations turn into aid real. TinyWasteland artist Peter Csakvari also joined them to discuss his art and how NFTs can be used in these campaigns. A “metaverse for doing good” project The collaboration between Next Earth and SEE Turtles illustrates how the metaverse can be used for good causes and for social responsibility. Together they have a positive impact on the environment and help endangered species recover. As a metaverse that already donates 10% of proceeds to environmental initiatives, Next Earth is thrilled to launch its latest social responsibility campaign in partnership with its community.

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Trust Solar is a Cape Town Based Solar PV company that specialize in sustainability and renewable energy through Solar PV installations. We offer Renewable Energy Solutions that save you money from day one without any capital outlay Grid-tied solar system are commonly used by homes and businesses. This type of system is connected to the public electricity grid/supply and does not need battery storage. A UPS battery system can be added for Load Shedding A hybrid system is a more modern type of system. It comes in many configurations, it makes use of both the Off-Grid and Grid-Tied system, which uses both battery & solar.