Vanguard Renewables Announces Acquisition by BlackRock Real Assets

Vanguard Renewables | July 22, 2022 | Read time : 03:39 min

Vanguard Renewables Announces
Vanguard Renewables, a U.S. leader in organics-to-renewable energy, announced that a fund managed by BlackRock Real Assets has acquired the company from Vision Ridge Partners. BlackRock Real Assets will partner with Vanguard Renewables’ management team to build upon the company’s market-leading track record and drive its next phase of growth, including its plans to commission more than 100 anaerobic digesters to produce renewable natural gas across the country by 2026.Since its founding by John Hanselman and Kevin Chase in 2014, Vanguard Renewables has been changing the perception of U.S. food waste and how that waste can be recycled into renewable energy to benefit the planet. The company mitigates greenhouse gas emissions from food waste and cow manure through two distinct business lines: Vanguard Organics and Vanguard Ag.

Vanguard Organics’ Farm Powered® anaerobic codigestion process converts inedible food and beverage waste and dairy manure into renewable natural gas and liquid low-carbon fertilizer. Vanguard Ag, developed in partnership with Dominion Energy in 2019, converts manure into renewable natural gas. This multi-year partnership is essential to Vanguard Ag’s growth and Dominion Energy’s commitment to further its ESG goals via significant investments in renewable natural gas projects.

We are pleased to invest in Vanguard Renewables, a leading producer of renewable natural gas from agriculture and organic food waste in the U.S., supported by long-term contracts,” said Mark Florian, Head of Diversified Infrastructure, BlackRock Real Assets. “Renewable natural gas is an attractive and fast-growing market that provides decarbonization solutions for both the provider of the waste, as well as the natural gas consumer. We look forward to partnering with Vanguard Renewables’ experienced management team to support the company’s strong growth momentum.

 “Today is the beginning of an exciting next chapter for Vanguard Renewables as we scale our Farm Powered® program across the nation. We are thankful for the steadfast support of Vision Ridge over the past eight years and look forward to our new partnership with BlackRock Real Assets, one of the world's most forward-thinking and environmentally-focused investors, as we continue to develop solutions to protect our planet.”

-Neil H. Smith, Chief Executive Officer at Vanguard Renewables

Since our investment in Vanguard Renewables in 2014, we have worked closely with Neil, John, Kevin, and the entire team to enable them to grow the company from its modest beginnings into the national leader in the development of organics-to-renewable energy projects,” commented George Polk, partner at Vision Ridge Partners. “We are proud to have helped build Vanguard Renewables into an unmatched RNG platform pioneering a decarbonizing pathway in the U.S. while generating strong returns for Vision Ridge investors, and are pleased to transition ownership to a likeminded investor, BlackRock Real Assets.

John Hanselman, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Vanguard Renewables, concluded, “I am immensely proud to have helped build a company from the ground up into a national organic waste-to-renewable energy leader. Vanguard Renewables’ mission has always been to help America realize a future where waste is a resource for renewable energy generation and regenerative agriculture practice.”

Onpeak Capital LLC served as the exclusive financial adviser to Vanguard Renewables. Evercore served as exclusive financial adviser and Simpson Thacher, & Bartlett served as legal counsel to BlackRock Real Assets. Ropes & Gray LLP served as legal counsel to Vision Ridge Partners.

About Vanguard Renewables
Vanguard Renewables, based in Wellesley, Massachusetts, is a national leader in developing food and dairy waste-to-renewable energy projects. The Company owns and operates on-farm anaerobic digester facilities in the northeast and currently operates manure-only digesters in the south and west for Dominion Energy. Expansion plans include more than 100 anaerobic digestion facilities by 2026. Vanguard Renewables is committed to advancing decarbonization by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from farms and food waste and supporting regenerative agriculture on partner farms through anaerobic digestion. To learn more about the Company, its energy partners, and the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance, visit

About BlackRock Real Assets
In today’s dynamic and complex global investing market, BlackRock Real Assets seeks to help clients access real assets that could help meet their investment goals by providing a distinct range of well defined, outcome orientated strategies, along the investment risk-return spectrum.

BlackRock Real Assets’ dedicated teams of industry and sector specialists deliver global reach, with deep local expertise. They have decades of relevant experience, are deeply embedded in their operating industries by sector and geography and have developed strong partnership networks over time. BlackRock’s culture of risk management, knowledge sharing and investment discipline sets BlackRock Real Assets apart and underpins all that they do. With over 400 professionals in 30 offices managing over $70 billion in client commitments as of June 30, 2022, BlackRock Real Assets partners with clients to provide solutions tailored to individual portfolio needs such as income, growth, liquid or balanced real assets outcomes.

About Vision Ridge Partners
Vision Ridge Partners is a preeminent investor in sustainable real assets that seeks to deliver superior financial returns while driving positive environmental impact. Founded by Reuben Munger and joined by partners Justin Goerke and George Polk, Vision Ridge manages approximately $2.5 billion, as of December 31, 2021, across its three funds and associated co-investments. Vision Ridge has offices in Colorado and New York. For more information visit


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Minnesota Power Advances Clean-Energy Future by Increasing Targets for Renewable Energy Resources Under Its EnergyForward Plan

Minnesota Power | November 09, 2022

Minnesota Power, a utility division of ALLETE Inc. (NYSE: ALE), announced it is advancing its EnergyForward plan by significantly increasing the amount of renewable energy it provides over the next 15 years, based on an agreement reached with stakeholder groups, including clean energy organizations, labor and host communities.n a letter filed today with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission as part of the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) proceedings, Minnesota Power said it will seek up to 400 megawatts of wind energy and 300 megawatts of regional solar energy. That’s nearly double what the company proposed in its initial Integrated Resource Plan filing, which called for the company to add 200 megawatts of wind and 200 megawatts of solar as part of its EnergyForward blueprint for achieving 100% carbon-free energy by 2050. “Before and during the state’s IRP process, we have prioritized listening and taking feedback from customers, communities and organizations that will benefit from our clean energy transition for all, We are pleased that we could work with these stakeholders to reach an agreement that allows us to continue on our path to a carbon-free supply while also protecting safe and reliable energy at competitive rates.” -Minnesota Power Chief Operating Officer Josh Skelton. Over the next two weeks, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission will consider the next steps in Minnesota Power’s EnergyForward plan as it holds two hearings to discuss the details of the company’s IRP. The Commission is expected to vote on the IRP on Nov. 22, including the agreement reached on increasing renewables. If approved, under the agreement Minnesota Power will advance storage projects that support investment in its renewable portfolio and continue to evaluate the transition of Boswell Energy Center (Boswell Unit 3 will cease coal operations by 2030). Other resource considerations, including electric grid strengthening proposals such as the MISO Long-Range Transmission Plan and a previously approved natural gas power plant, have been deferred until future regulatory filings. Minnesota Power’s IRP outlines the steps needed over the next decade to meet the energy needs of customers and reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2035 while: Protecting 24/7 reliability by ensuring adequate supplies of energy and investing in a more resilient grid. Creating a just transition for the employees and communities that have worked at and hosted power plants for decades, and for the customers who are the most energy-dependent and price-sensitive. Protecting the competitiveness of businesses in the region and family pocketbooks by investing in resources and technology that are economically sustainable. Continuing to invest in innovations that will achieve zero carbon emissions from Minnesota Power’s energy supply by 2050. Our planning for a sustainable transformation requires a flexible and dynamic approach. Since the filing of our IRP in February 2021, there have been many exciting developments, including the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, that support lowering the cost of renewables,” Skelton said. “Minnesota Power has been proactive and responsive with our commitment to climate, customers and our communities that is driving our national leadership to achieve a carbon-free supply of energy. Our EnergyForward plan being considered by the Commission this month accomplishes these goals in a way that reflects what is realistic today and what is possible tomorrow as we meet our goal of providing safe, reliable and affordable power to all customers. Minnesota Power provides electric service within a 26,000-square-mile area in northeastern Minnesota, supporting comfort, security and quality of life for 145,000 customers, 14 municipalities and some of the largest industrial customers in the United States. More information can be found at

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Advanced Battery Concepts | September 14, 2022

There is a solution to the worldwide need for adequate electrical power in all places and at all times, said Dr. Edward Shaffer, Founder and CEO of Advanced Battery Concepts LLC. This statement came at the global European Lead Battery Conference (ELBC) in Lyon, France, last week, as a preview to his company's announcement today of commitment and entry into LONG DURATION ENERGY STORAGE (LDES). Long Duration Energy Storage refers to energy storage deployed on an electric grid that stores energy for discharge durations anywhere from 2 to 100 hours. For example, energy storage is needed to bridge the intermittency of renewable power sources (solar and wind) to ensure secure, stable electric supply. It is not a backup, in most cases, but an active part of electrical energy generation, transmission and routine use. Such storage can also help during times of peak demand that affects supply grids for unexpected periods of time at unpredicted intervals. LDES is not new, in fact, the current, 2022 U.S. investment in Long Duration Energy Storage will reach $4 billion by year's end, forecasting a 30 percent CAGR by 2030. It represents a vital component of the global shift to renewable energy sourcing if "decarbonization" goals are to be achieved. What is new is entry by Michigan's Advanced Battery Concepts into large-format energy storage on today's one year anniversary of their HOME EMERGENCY ENERGY STORAGE™ (HEES™) launch. "The HEES™ system designed specifically for the residential micro-grid energy storage market gave us a wealth of insight into user wants, needs, expectations and experiences, We have the battery technology, manufacturing capability and environmental priorities to also serve the large-format energy storage marketplace. This is a recognized standard component of sustainable non-fossil fuel electric generation," -ABC's president, Michael Everett. ABC pioneered new lead battery manufacturing technologies and proprietary bipolar architecture to offer energy storage solutions with superior economics and performance compared to lithium-ion, traditional lead batteries and other rival technologies such as flow batteries and gravity systems. Years of battery developments, numerous patents (54 issued, 60 pending; 49 trade secrets; operating in 10 geographies) has led to the invention of EverGreenSeal™ --their energy storage solution breakthrough battery technology. Here is a battery designed from the inside-out with End-Of-Life "re-manufacturability" as a leading objective within the design and construction of the new EverGreenSeal batteries. This extraordinary battery, after a long service life (25+years), is deconstructed, the primary materials collected and using novel processes, the active materials are efficiently recycled and built into a new EverGreenSeal battery, with full warranty and service life. EverGreenSeal™ batteries were designed for easy disassembly rather than traditional battery "wrecking." The three main components are separated, recycled and fed back into the battery production facility to be processed into new batteries. The spent "leady materials" are converted directly back to starting paste elements. There are no lead fumes or external wastes -- slag, for example, little to no energy input and minimal carbon dioxide emissions, ABC's president explained. "At last, a battery that is more efficiently recycled, capable of long and reliable performance in the Long Duration Energy Storage systems that are essential to the operation of a carbon-free electric grid, Mr. Everett stated. What makes ABC's founder, Edward Shaffer, so confident of his statement about worldwide adoption of LDES and his EverGreenSeal batteries is: "Our bipolar lead battery is built with abundant and safe low-cost domestic materials and low-cost assembly methods resulting in energy storage solutions that cost the end user significantly less than Li-ion or other technologies. Lowest user cost is the key to widespread (global) adoption, one of the three core principles of ABC's mission -- Economically Responsible energy storage that, coupled with two other core principals of Socially Responsible (meaning safe to people and property) and Environmentally Responsible storage, sets ABC apart from competitors in the industry. Carbon reduction from the world's electrical grid is achievable if these principles are included in the solution," Edward Shaffer concluded. About Advanced Battery Concepts: Advanced Battery Concepts manufactures and sells the most economically, socially, and environmentally responsible energy storage solutions available today. The business focuses on residential and long duration energy storage systems, built on a foundation of proprietary technology termed EverGreenSeal™ Technology. ABC's energy storage provides longest life, lowest installation costs, truly safe operation and a 100% evergreen recycling process.

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JLL's strategic technology services enable future of work and sustainability

JLL Technologies | November 22, 2022

JLL Technologies (JLLT), the technology division of JLL, announced the launch of the Strategic Technology Program, which provides assessment, strategic planning, goal setting and performance measurement services for real estate technologies. The launch of the program is in response to increasing demand for technology solutions to help commercial real estate (CRE) managers adhere to sustainable business objectives. These services are particularly relevant now as businesses implement long-term hybrid work models and ambitious sustainability targets stemming from the pandemic. According to JLL research, 44% of large and mid-size organizations rely on external partners and service firms to accelerate their real estate technology implementation. Among JLL's enterprise clients, demand for technology management services has increased by over 50% year-over-year. As demand has increased, JLL has invested in its technology services. The Strategic Technology Program helps real estate leaders better manage and operate their real estate technology for optimal outcomes. Real estate leaders can use the program's technology assessment, management and measurement offerings to align their technology portfolio to their building systems and data, sustainability, and facility management objectives. The offering helps companies in the following areas: Building – Tools that tune buildings and workspaces to drive for optimal performance, inform sustainability objectives, and enable real estate services teams to interact with building and enterprise systems. Workplace – Enterprise technology solutions that help maximize employee efficiency and enhance their workday experience. Sustainability – Platforms that measure and improve energy use, water use and waste to help companies reach their net zero carbon goals. Data & Analytics – Governance, integration, reporting and modeling that leverage data and analytics platforms to achieve financial, operational and experiential breakthroughs that power insight-driven real estate decision. "More and more, organizations are coming to us to help them demystify the ever-expanding and increasingly complex real estate technology landscape, and ultimately use that technology to help them navigate the changing world of the workplace, Hybrid work requires technology to be successful. This offering is a great example of how we combine expertise across technology and technology services to enable our customers to select, deploy and adopt technology and accelerate their return on investment." -Sharad Rastogi, president, JLLT JLLT houses decades of talent from all corners of CRE – developers, technologists, brokers and more. Together with other business lines in JLL, it delivers a comprehensive portfolio of purpose-built software platforms, apps, hardware and technology services. It also offers innovations from venture-backed companies. JLLT's objective is to meet and exceed the industry's demands for transactional, operational, experiential and data-driven excellence."JLLT is our strategic real estate technology partner," said Kathy Jones, Associate Vice President for Facilities Engineering and Planning, Rice University. "They are an extension of our internal team and a trusted delivery and thought partner. They help us drive innovation, transformation, and adoption through an actionable and measurable technology roadmap and tightly aligned business outcomes, both of which are supported by efficiently utilized people resources and technology resources." JLLT is recognized as a leading Workplace Systems Integrator by Verdantix Research and has helped thousands of clients deploy and manage technology in more than 130 countries globally, representing over 250,000 properties and more than 14 billion square feet of space. About JLL JLL (NYSE: JLL) is a leading professional services firm that specializes in real estate and investment management. JLL shapes the future of real estate for a better world by using the most advanced technology to create rewarding opportunities, amazing spaces and sustainable real estate solutions for our clients, our people and our communities. JLL is a Fortune 500 company with annual revenue of $19.4 billion, operations in over 80 countries and a global workforce of more than 102,000 as of September 30, 2022. JLL is the brand name, and a registered trademark, of Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated. For further information, visit

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The Nigeria Rural Electrification Agency (REA) and CarbonAi Sign MOU to Develop Rural Solar Energy Projects

CarbonAi Inc | November 24, 2022

CarbonAi Inc. (CarbonAi) is proud to announce that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) of Nigeria to identify and develop small-scale solar energy projects in that country. The projects will be funded by proceeds from carbon credits that are generated through CarbonAi-financed and developed flare gas capture projects in Nigeria.Under the MOU, the parties will explore opportunities to finance and develop solar energy projects in unserved or underserved communities near CarbonAi’s flare gas capture projects in Nigeria. The REA will apply its knowledge of Nigeria’s rural electrification requirements and programs to identify appropriate project opportunities and liaise with local communities. CarbonAi, in turn, will apply its carbon finance and project development expertise to finance, design and construct the projects. The company will also quantify, verify and monetize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions using its proprietary data management platform. The REA is an implementation agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria under the Ministry of Power. It is primarily tasked with promoting and increasing access to electricity in unserved and underserved rural communities across Nigeria. CarbonAi is a world-leading developer of fully integrated GHG reduction projects and GHG emissions quantification and monetization solutions. Based in Calgary and Dubai, the company provides full-cycle flare gas capture services in Africa and the Middle East, from project finance, design and construction to carbon credit quantification, verification and sale. For each project that CarbonAi develops, it invests a portion of carbon credit revenues to help local organizations develop sustainability initiatives through the CarbonAi Climate Dividend Programme. "We are excited to work with the REA as our CarbonAi Climate Dividend Programme partner in Nigeria, We are strong believers in win-win outcomes, and we believe our Climate Dividend Programme captures the spirit of the energy transition by leveraging immediate reductions in today’s energy system to build the energy system of tomorrow in Nigeria.” -CarbonAi’s Chief Carbon Officer, Yvan Champagne Flaring of gas is a common practice in oil and gas activities worldwide; however, it generates high levels of GHGs and harmful local pollutants, often creating serious local air and water quality issues. Nigeria has the third highest number of gas flares globally, but the country has pledged to eliminate the practice by 2025. Many communities in Nigeria’s high-flaring regions do not currently have access to reliable electricity. The parties believe this MOU will be an important step in providing reliable renewable energy to local communities that are currently unserved and underserved, while improving local air quality associated with gas flaring. Managing Director/CEO of the REA, Engr. Ahmad Salihijo Ahmad added that “REA’s collaboration with CarbonAi is timely and solution-driven. The off-grid space in Nigeria is undergoing commendable growth. With the resultant opportunities, key stakeholders must take the responsibility to leverage these opportunities to accelerate sustainable impact, nationwide. This is another strategic and innovative way to finance climate-resilient infrastructure in Nigeria while alleviating energy poverty.” About the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) The Rural Electrification Agency (REA) is the Implementing Agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN), under the Federal Ministry of Power, tasked with the electrification of unserved and underserved communities with the aim to catalyse economic growth and improve quality of life for Nigerians. The REA is currently administering the Rural Electrification Fund (REF) and implementing the Nigeria Electrification Project (NEP) and several initiatives in furtherance of its mandate. To give effect to some of its initiatives, REA has obtained financing amounting to $550 million ($350 million from the World Bank and $200 million from the African Development Bank) for financing the Nigeria Electrification Project, and an additional $11 million for financing the Rural Electrification Fund for the deployment of Solar hybrid mini grids and solar home systems. These funds will ensure that millions of Nigerians have access to clean, safe, reliable, and affordable electricity. About CarbonAi CarbonAi is a world-leading developer of fully integrated greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction projects and GHG emissions quantification and monetization data solutions. Based in Calgary, Canada and Dubai, The Company provides full-cycle GHG reduction services, from project finance, construction and operation to carbon credit quantification, verification and sale. It also offers a cloud-based data platform to integrate and manage GHG emissions data from numerous, diverse and dispersed data sources, allowing for real-time emissions monitoring and forecasting, as well as streamlined verification and crediting.

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At Sunrun, we're all about choices. And now you have a choice with how you buy electricity. There's the old way -- paying whatever rates the utility company decides to charge you. Or the new way -- locking in a guaranteed low rate from Sunrun over the next 20 years. Which, not only produces clean energy but saves you money.