Zendure Welcomes Jim Haflinger as Chief Technical Advisor

Zendure | January 21, 2022

Zendure USA Inc. announced that it has hired Jim Haflinger to the role of Chief Technical Advisor. As the Silicon Valley portable charger company expands into the sustainable energy sector, Haflinger will lend his decades of electrical engineering experience to Zendure's research and development team.

Prior to joining Zendure, Jim Haflinger was a Senior Principal Engineer at Nortek, where for 11 years he designed many products for home automation, security, personal safety, and solar backup power. He served Kodak for over six years as a Lead Electrical Engineer for the company's printer division, designing printheads and multi-protocol interfaces. The role had him coordinating product design and manufacturing in Europe, Asia, and the United States. He was also the engineering representative for the Customer Experience team to make the products more user friendly and easier to install and use.

In total, Jim Haflinger has over 30 years of experience designing a wide variety of products, including SCSI interfaces and diagnostic equipment, data management tools, and switching power supplies for medical applications.

Haflinger holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Santa Clara University and owns over a dozen patents on a variety of technologies. He is a member of IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and the Electric Auto Association and is the author of the 2nd edition of "Making SCSI Work".

Recently, the company raised over $1.3 million in crowdfunding for their new SuperBase Pro power station. This year at CES, Zendure set up a high-tech camping experience for visitors and debuted even more energy storage solutions and solar power generators and has plans to further expand into sustainable energy and home power management.

With Jim Haflinger's product development and engineering expertise, the company hopes to come up with innovative solutions to bolster and accelerate the green energy revolution, including next-gen solar power and energy storage products.

We are elated to have Jim advising our team, and the timing couldn't be better. With his immense experience in all things electric, Jim will help us lead the global charge toward a sustainable future."

Bryan Liu, Zendure CEO and founder

Zendure is a sustainable energy company located in Silicon Valley in the United States and the Guangdong - Hong Kong - Macao Greater Bay Area in China. Since its establishment, Zendure has continuously launched innovative products, made rapid breakthroughs in the core technologies of energy storage and power supplies, and continues to bring pleasant surprises to the user experience. The company recently received a multi-million dollar series-A round of funding from a joint investment from Shanghai GP Capital and YOTRIO group.


Political leaders in Queensland and across Australia have tended to focus their attention on how difficult it might be for us to transition our electricity supply to low polluting alternatives. The emphasis has often been not on imagining the future we’d like to create and how new technology and ideas could get us there. Instead, we’ve been trapped letting the past define what our future can be, rather than our abilities, our natural assets, and our scientific understanding and technological capability. Our thinking has been dominated by what we might lose through change rather than what could be gained.

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ALAMO GROUP | March 08, 2022

Alamo Group Inc. (NYSE: ALG) announced today a 2030 target to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% as compared to its 2019 base year. This target covers Scope 1 & 2 emissions as defined in The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standards published by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and World Resources Institute. Additional information regarding the Company's sustainability goals and actual emissions for the past three years will be included in its forthcoming 2021 Sustainability Report. "We are pleased to announce an initial 2030 target for reducing our Company's greenhouse gas emissions. Setting meaningful Scope1 & 2 GHG emissions goals is an important step in the right direction. Since 2019, our Company has reduced, in absolute terms, its total energy consumption by about 9%, and we anticipate that we will further reduce it by an additional 30% by 2030. More efficient use of energy, which accounts for 97% of our GHG emissions, will be a primary driver toward achieving our 2030 emissions goal. Investments in LED lighting and energy management systems, as well as energy efficient welding, laser cutting, and air compression equipment have been, and are expected to be, the major contributors in this effort. Installing more efficient heating systems and other building improvements to reduce winter heat loss are also expected to produce significant favorable impacts." -Dan Malone, Alamo Group's Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, About Alamo Group Alamo Group is a leader in the design, manufacture, distribution and service of high quality equipment for infrastructure maintenance, agriculture and other applications. Our products include truck and tractor mounted mowing and other vegetation maintenance equipment, street sweepers, snow removal equipment, excavators, vacuum trucks, other industrial equipment, agricultural implements, forestry equipment and related after-market parts and services. The Company, founded in 1969, has approximately 4,200 employees and operates 29 plants in North America, Europe, Australia and Brazil as of December 31, 2021. The corporate offices of Alamo Group Inc. are located in Seguin, Texas.

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ACE Green Recycling To Roll Out Four New Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Facilities Worldwide

ACE Green Recycling | May 16, 2022

US-based recycling technology company, ACE Green Recycling (ACE) announces its plans to build and operate four new lithium-ion battery recycling facilities with a planned total annual capacity of over 30,000 tons. The four locations will tap into previously underserved recycling markets and provide regional markets with an emissions-free, carbon-neutral recycling solution to support the global adoption of lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are currently employed in most of the world's portable electronic devices and electric vehicles, as well as potentially serving as grid energy storage solutions. ACE is currently planning for facilities in Thailand, India, and USA, with planned capacities of 10,000 tons between India and Thailand and 20,000 tons in the USA. Operations in India are expected to commence by the third quarter of 2022 with initial processing capacity of 1800 tons per year, while Thailand and USA would come online in 2023 with full operational capacity planned to be achieved across all facilities by 2025. ACE recently announced its flagship combined lead-acid and lithium-ion battery recycling park in Texas, USA. With the announcement of plans to simultaneously set-up facilities in Asia, ACE is working towards being a global player for Li-ion battery recycling. The company will be deploying its proprietary hydrometallurgical recycling process that combines a completely emissions-free, low temperature process with market-leading recovery rates in excess of 98%. ACE can also successfully reclaim valuable metals like copper and aluminum , while also being able to handle a wide variety of the world's most utilized lithium-ion battery chemistries. In line with its environmental ethos, the process also produces zero toxic solid waste or effluent. In addition to copper and aluminum, materials recovered also include a variety of sulphates and carbonates of cobalt, manganese, and nickel, all of which leave ACE's facility "user-ready" for use in the next generation of lithium-ion batteries. "With the set-up of these four new facilities we would strategically leverage our global supply chain experience to not only cater to the North American markets but also Asia where we have a very strong on the ground experience and existing relationships," -Nishchay Chadha, ACE's Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. ACE is already in discussions with potential partners for various battery waste supply and product off-take arrangements to guarantee a steady inflow of recyclable batteries and a ready customer for its market-grade battery materials. When fully operational, ACE expects to provide up to 100 direct and indirect jobs to the local economy. While the global market for lithium-ion battery recycling currently remains relatively low, key OEMs, EV manufacturers, and strategic investors remain bullish on the need for a sustainable and environmentally responsible recycling solution due to three key reasons. The exponential growth in the adoption of lithium-ion batteries – from the already ubiquitous portable electronic devices to the widespread and growing popularity of electric vehicles – is heralding an unprecedented uptick in demand. Further, government mandates for "producer responsibility" require battery manufacturers to rapidly identify sustainable recycling solutions which can minimize the overall environmental footprint of battery manufacturing. With the continual fragility of global supply chains causing extreme price shocks , players across the value chain(s) are looking to diversify their sources of battery materials away from regions of heightened political instability. "By providing a zero emissions lithium-ion battery recycling solution, ACE solves all of these concerns and provides the necessary supply chain localization and reliability of the valuable battery materials. Global scale up of our technology will provide vital support for a sustainable electrification of mobility and manufacturing." - Dr Vipin Tyagi, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of ACE. ACE will deploy its capital and collaborate with several strategic and financial investors to set up the envisioned facilities. ACE is already a leading pioneer in the hydrometallurgical recycling of lead-acid batteries, having already deployed its technology on a commercial scale with leading recyclers and industry players with many new facilities set to come online across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East by early 2023. About ACE Green Recycling Inc ACE Green Recycling is an American green recycling technology company with global operations across Southeast Asia and India. The company has successfully commercialized its proprietary recycling process for used lead-acid batteries that releases no greenhouse gas emissions and is currently scaling up its zero-emission technology to recycle lithium-ion batteries. ACE is also simultaneously working on clean technology solutions for other metallic waste streams. The team behind ACE has decades of recycling, technology and scrap supply chain experience, making them poised to become a leader in global recycling.

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Greenwave Technology Solutions Issues 2022 Chairman’s Letter

Greenwave Technology Solutions | January 14, 2022

Greenwave Technology Solutions, Inc. is pleased to issue the following letter to shareholders from Greenwave Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Danny Meeks: Dear Greenwave Shareholders, I’m pleased to report that Empire Services, Inc., which Greenwave acquired last fall, generated more than $27 million in revenue during the year ended December 31, 2021, exceeding the $24 million annual revenue goal we set in September 2021. We aim to further accelerate our revenue growth this year by rapidly expanding our footprint of metal recycling facilities. Our 11th location opened in Virginia Beach in mid-October 2021 and is just now starting to meaningfully contribute to our overall metal volumes and revenues – and we expect by that later this year, our Virginia Beach location will have grown into one of our busiest and most profitable locations. By the end of January, we expect to open our 12th location in Fairmont, NC, for which we’ve already secured the licenses and permits, and is the first of many scrap metal facilities that we plan to open or acquire this year. Earlier this week, BlackRock, Inc. disclosed it had accumulated 5.3% of the outstanding ordinary shares of Sims Metal Management[1], the parent company of our largest customer, following BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s assertion that the next 1,000 companies that will reach a billion-dollar valuation will be focused on green hydrogen, green agriculture, green steel, and green cement. The scrap metal industry is ripe for a roll-up as it will likely result in a significant margin expansion as we enter into what Goldman Sachs called a “commodities supercycle”. As a public company with 31,000 shareholders, Greenwave is positioned to move quickly and aggressively to roll-up independent, profitable metal recycling facilities as a pure play on green steel. We are in the final stages of preparing our formal application to uplist Greenwave to the NASDAQ or NYSE, as we believe a listing on a national exchange would result in a significant increase in visibility, liquidity, and institutional interest for our stock. We have had discussions with many potential board members, all experts in their respective fields, and we expect to begin expanding our board in the coming weeks with seasoned, respected leaders who will help take our company to the next level. Further, we believe Greenwave can meet the listing standards of a national exchange without any additional capital raises. In a January 11, 2022 Research Report, “Metals Watch: Aligned for the next leg higher,” Goldman Sachs raised its price targets for aluminum, copper, and zinc, driven by depleted inventories, robust demand, and inflationary pressures. In this context, we believe now is the optimal time for a roll-up of metal of recycling facilities. Demand for prime metallic scrap is expected to increase by approximately 41% from current levels to 29.6 million gross tons by fiscal year 2025. At the same time, the supply of prime steel scrap has been shrinking consistently for more than 50 years, according to a Steel Research Associates, LLC Scrap Model. Greenwave’s management believes that this supply/demand imbalance will continue to cause rising prices for scrap metal for at least the next 5-7 years. It is also important to note the significant environmental benefits of recycling steel. Unlike plastics and other materials, steel is able to be melted and re-cast countless times as it has no structural memory. Recycling steel, rather than using virgin materials, cuts CO2 emissions by approximately 75% while utilizing approximately 70% less energy. Currently, two out of every three tons of steel produced comes from recycling, up from one out of every ten tons in 1980. Greenwave’s management has set aggressive expansion and revenue goals for the coming year as we begin rolling-up independent, profitable metal recycling facilities. With a significant supply/demand imbalance for recycled steel expected to continue through at least 2025, we believe prices for metals will continue to remain strong for the foreseeable future – especially with many projects under the recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act beginning construction. I am incredibly grateful to both our long-term and new shareholders for their continued trust in my leadership as we look to maximize shareholder value and take Greenwave to the next level.

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Xinhua Silk Road: Seraphim completes 72MW PV module production for Citicore

Xinhua Silk Road | March 31, 2022

Seraphim Energy Group Co., Ltd. (Seraphim), a leading global solar product manufacturer, has recently completed PV module deliveries of 72 MW to Citicore Power Inc. (Citicore), a well-known community-focused renewable energy company in the Philippines. According to Seraphim, Citicore placed an order for up to 72 MW of its monofacial modules with a maximum power output of up to 540/545W in July 2021. The PV modules were scheduled to be delivered between October 2021 and January 2022 while the official commission date is estimated to be October 2022. "This is an important solar industry procurement deal which is a testimony to Seraphim's exponential growth in the Philippines, The Philippines is well positioned for solar energy in terms of geography as it enjoys abundant sunlight, and with reliable local partners, we have already shipped over 200MW solar modules in the past two years. I believe that this cooperation with Citicore will help us further increase our strength in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia as a whole" - Polaris Li, president of Seraphim. Seraphim has specialized in research, development, production, innovation and sales of PV products since its foundation in 2011. To date, more than 14GW Seraphim's products have been installed in over 40 countries worldwide. At present, Citicore is one of the leading players in the solar energy space of the Philippines with a combined installed generating capacity of 170 MW. Citicore produces clean and pure renewable energy straight from the solar generation plants across the Philippines through Citicore Renewable Energy Corporation (CREC).

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Political leaders in Queensland and across Australia have tended to focus their attention on how difficult it might be for us to transition our electricity supply to low polluting alternatives. The emphasis has often been not on imagining the future we’d like to create and how new technology and ideas could get us there. Instead, we’ve been trapped letting the past define what our future can be, rather than our abilities, our natural assets, and our scientific understanding and technological capability. Our thinking has been dominated by what we might lose through change rather than what could be gained.