Solar&Energy Storage Future Germany 2023

June 21, 2023 | Germany

Solar&Energy Storage Future
Solar & Energy Storage Future Germany Conference is a high-level forum organized by Energy Box in order to build the most mature connection between different pioneering experts as developers, investors, finance professionals, lawyers, manufacturers,suppliers, distributors and services providers who are constantly dedicated to the global renewable energy development.
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Australia Wind Energy 2023

July 25-26, 2023 | Australia

Co-located with Connecting Green Hydrogen APAC 2023. The strategic conference focuses on Australia's wind power roadmap, offshore wind deployment, wind farm O&M, wind investments, and technical innovations. Two-day unique networking platform for participants to build solid business partnerships. Innovation and Technology Exhibition to demonstrate practical wind farm case studies and advanced technologies.
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Wind Energy Trade Show 2023

October 11-12, 2023 | Ireland

We are proud to announce an exciting new event for 2023 which will bring together Ireland’s growing domestic supply chain, the key players in the global wind energy industry and cutting edge research from Ireland and internationally for the country’s first Wind Energy Trade Show. Already a leader in onshore wind energy, Ireland has the project pipeline and the determination to become a force in offshore renewables as well. The 2023 Trade Show will showcase the exciting potential for new entrants into the Irish market and introduce to the world Irish companies that are not just competing here but are ready to compete internationally.
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Global Energy Transition 2023

June 7-8, 2023 | USA

Amidst complex geopolitical tensions, evolving supply chains and catalysed technological development, the global energy transition has reached a critical inflection point. Against this uncertainty, are we realizing the commitments we have set ourselves? We must re-scrutinize critically evaluate the status of the energy transition and ask the hardest question around the reality, commitment, and pathways to a net-zero future. Are we on the right track? Are we setting realistic and tactical goals? Can the gaps be bridged by action and technology? Does the industry need a new agenda?
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IRES Conference 2023

November 28-30, 2023 | Germany

Energy storage systems are the key to the successful energy transition to full renewable energy supply and are more relevant today than ever before. They address numerous challenges of the energy transition at once: stabilise the electricity grids, support the shutdown of power plants, make regionally generated electricity available locally and compensate for fluctuations in renewable energy generation.
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