Duke Energy to expand electric vehicle charging in South Carolina

Duke Energy | October 08, 2020

As new electric vehicles (EV) enter the market and strong sales growth continues nationwide, the Public Service Commission of South Carolina (PSCSC) has approved two Duke Energy electric transportation (ET) pilot programs that will allow South Carolina to join other states in deploying EV infrastructure to meet the needs of this growing market. Originally proposed in 2018, Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress participated in extensive working-group sessions with stakeholders for feedback on the innovative plans. The approved programs – the first in the Carolinas – reflect the inclusion of much of that feedback, as well as agreements with the Office of Regulatory Staff and ChargePoint.


Captain Watts visits Marlec, a UK company & the longest standing micro wind turbine manufacturer in the world. Known for the Rutland Wind Charger, we run through the basic requirements for capturing wind energy using a wind generator on your boat or yacht.

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TC Energy, 3 Rivers Energy Partners to develop renewable natural gas production facility at Jack Daniel Distillery

TC Energy | October 18, 2022

TC Energy Corporation (TSX, NYSE: TRP) (TC Energy or the Company) announced a $29.3 million investment in a renewable natural gas (RNG) production facility near the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, TN. Owned by Lynchburg Renewable Fuels LLC, the facility will produce RNG with a carbon intensity score that is 50 per cent lower than traditional natural gas, saving up to 16,000 tonnes of CO2e/ year. The project is being developed by 3 Rivers Energy Partners, LLC, also an owner in Lynchburg Renewable Fuels. Once operational in 2024, a byproduct of the Jack Daniel’s distilling process will be broken down to generate methane gases recovered as biogas. A biogas upgrade plant will remove contaminants to produce pipeline-quality RNG that will be directly connected to a local natural gas utility. Liquid fertilizer will also be produced in the process, processed, stored and distributed to meet local agriculture demand. This investment is our first in the production of renewable natural gas,” said Corey Hessen, TC Energy Executive Vice-President and President, Power & Energy Solutions. “The production of RNG onsite at the Jack Daniel Distillery offers TC Energy one more opportunity to meet the challenge of growing energy needs and reducing emissions while providing customers with access to an affordable, reliable source of energy. TC Energy will market 100 per cent of the RNG production and environmental attributes, which include renewable identification numbers and low carbon fuel standards. “Our goal is to create lasting partnerships that give organizations the ability to create a sustainable future by utilizing bio-waste to reduce energy and help sustain local agriculture, What we are doing is a major step for Jack Daniel’s, the local agriculture, and our planet’s future.” -John Rivers, CEO of 3 Rivers Energy Partners TC Energy and 3 Rivers Energy Partners have also committed to jointly develop future RNG projects. Since 2002, TC Energy has transported RNG with the current capacity to flow over 30 Bcf annually to market through 17 interconnects across its footprint of thousands of miles of pipelines. This investment marks the company’s first for producing RNG. The announcement builds upon TC Energy’s ongoing development of its extensive low-carbon energy portfolio, most recently as the company commenced construction in October on an 81 MW solar facility in Alberta. About TC Energy We’re a team of 7,000+ energy problem solvers working to move, generate and store the energy North America relies on. Today, we’re taking action to make that energy more sustainable and more secure. We’re innovating and modernizing to reduce emissions from our business. And, we’re delivering new energy solutions – from natural gas and renewables to carbon capture and hydrogen – to help other businesses and industries decarbonize too. Along the way, we invest in communities and partner with our neighbours, customers and governments to build the energy system of the future. TC Energy’s common shares trade on the Toronto (TSX) and New York (NYSE) stock exchanges under the symbol TRP. To learn more, visit us at TCEnergy.com. About 3 Rivers As an energy developer, 3 Rivers Energy Partners (3RE) specializes in the design, build, and operations of renewable natural gas projects. Our teams work to provide renewable energy solutions for organizations by utilizing their existing bio-waste streams as feedstock for renewable energy sources. This allows organizations to lower their environmental impact and help return vital nutrients to the earth. We take renewable energy projects from idea to operation. Empowering organizations to create a sustainable future.  3riversenergy.com

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Paired Power Unveils New Solar Canopy for Fast, Modular EV Charging Without the Delay of Grid Interconnection

Paired Power | September 15, 2022

With recent reports indicating the United States needs 20 times more electric vehicle (EV) charging stations than what’s available today, Paired Power announced the launch of its new, transportable solar canopy, PairTree, with built-in EV charging capabilities. With its modular, fast-install design, PairTree can be utilized with or without grid connection and gives customers quick and convenient access to the infinite renewable energy of the sun without the costly construction and infrastructure requirements of traditional solar canopy installations.EV charging is one of the primary use cases for PairTree. It is designed to optimize EV charging loads to deliver up to 75 miles of daily range to an EV, well above the U.S. daily commuter national average of 30 miles, according to a 2022 McKinsey & Company Report. For greater resiliency and reliability, PairTree also supports the integration of up to 40 kWh of LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries. The addition of a battery can extend the EV’s daily range delivered to up to 230 miles. PairTree’s modular design is available in 5 kW units, using ten bifacial solar panels each, and can be equipped with customizable specifications, such as branding, lighting and media options, depending on the customer’s operational needs. “With traditional solar canopies, locations can wait as long as two years to be connected to the local utility grid, just to use their chargers, The installation of traditional EV chargers and solar canopies is a time and labor-intensive process, not to mention the disruption and delays of construction. We designed PairTree to eliminate these hassles and make the transition to solar and EV charging simple and scalable while also being modular enough to accommodate future needs.” -Tom McCalmont, CEO and co-founder of Paired Power. PairTree can be installed within a single workday with just two workers using standard hand tools and without lengthy permit approvals or heavy equipment. That is at least 30 times faster than conventional solar canopies, which require an extensive permitting and construction process. The solution is designed to fit a variety of applications, including EV charging access in locations that have either maxed out their local grid capacity or that lease their property and don’t want to invest in permanent infrastructure, such as workplaces and retail locations. PairTree also can provide emergency backup power and temporary power for events. The ballasted steel foundation allows customers to avoid costly foundation work and permitting delays and can be deployed anywhere in the U.S. and globally as it can withstand various climates and environmental conditions. PairTree offers additional options of batteries or ground screws to secure the charger in high winds. Moreover, PairTree is designed to be installed side by side in multi-unit configurations for additional energy output to power additional chargers. One of the biggest benefits of PairTree’s solar canopy design and model is that you can start charging on day one, continued McCalmont. EV charging is no longer a fringe benefit for any location where a car might park; it’s quickly becoming a service that both average citizens and employees expect. There are various reasons why site owners don’t want to wait or might have restrictions on grid-connected EV charging or conventional solar canopies, and PairTree is the solution to bring any location quickly into the EV future. PairTree is also designed with minimal maintenance needed since there are no moving parts, and the cellular cloud connectivity gives Paired Power the ability to make updates and run diagnostics remotely - all of which are included with the purchase of PairTree. AC charging stations are offered to support Level 2 charging, and 120V outlet panels can be added to support emergency or temporary power. Customers also have access to online support and payment methods through the Paired Power app developed in partnership with EvGateway. As part of its efforts to expand solar EV charging nationwide, Paired Power has installations from its family of products throughout Northern and Southern California. This announcement also comes on the heels of Paired Power’s first direct-DC off-grid solar PV electric farm tractor charging project that was completed in 2021 in central California. Orders for PairTree can be placed now and are expected for general delivery starting in Q2 2023. About Paired Power Paired Power is a leading provider of solar-powered EV charging products, including its pop-up solar canopies. Since its founding in 2015, the company has been dedicated to providing flexible and affordable EV charging solutions that can be installed in less time and at lower cost than other solutions in the market. The company has a proven track record of creating flexible and solar-powered, off-grid EV charging canopy solutions for a variety of markets, including municipalities, workplaces, and public and private fleets. The company’s SunStation products are the world’s first 100% solar EV chargers designed to deliver more renewable power to EVs than is available from the grid. Visit www.PairedPower.com for more.

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Energy Vault Issued Notice of Award From Meadow Creek Solar Farm for a 250MW/500MWh Grid-connected Battery in Victoria, Australia

Energy Vault Holdings, Inc. | October 31, 2022

Switzerland & WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Energy Vault Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: NRGV) ("Energy Vault"), a leader in sustainable, grid-scale energy storage solutions, today announced a Notice of Award from Meadow Creek Solar Pty Ltd ("Meadow Creek" or "Meadow") for the deployment of a 250MW/500MWh battery energy storage system (“BESS”) at the Meadow Creek Solar Farm in Victoria, Australia. Developed by Meadow Creek, the 330MW solar farm is located three hours north of Melbourne, Australia, and provides zero-carbon electricity to approximately 110,000 homes in the region.Under this Notice, Energy Vault will immediately begin the advanced grid studies and modeling with technical advisor DNV, as required by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) for interconnected power systems in Australia's eastern and south-eastern seaboard. The Meadow Creek Solar Farm has completed extensive work on project feasibility, including grid capacity, and is currently progressing through detailed environmental and technical assessments to support the development application process. The BESS, being co-located with solar PV, will provide the resiliency and flexibility of charge and discharge, essential to shoring up renewable energy supply across the network as Australia adopts the Australian Energy Market Operator's Integrated System Plan. We are delighted to be selected for this important project in Australia, said Lucas Sadler, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Asia & Pacific (APAC), Energy Vault. “Over the past few months, the new Australian Federal Government has sent a strong mandate to the market to expedite the transition to renewable energy technologies supported by significant State Government updates to their clean energy and emissions reduction targets. The Meadow Creek Solar Farm, Hybrid Solar PV and BESS Developments goals are well met with the market release of Energy Vault’s AC and DC block bespoke energy storage solutions for the Australian market. Importantly, this award builds on the significant progress Energy Vault has made over the past year as we bring our transformative energy storage solutions to this important market. "The solutions approach Energy Vault conducted with our team has been pivotal in our decision to select the Energy Vault energy storage hardware and software platform, Energy Vault’s high energy density design, the option to work with both Central Storage Inverters or the new AC Block and the most advanced Energy Management Software, that enables multiple use cases, optimal economic dispatching and predictive maintenance, bring flexibility and further options when working with our financial and technical partners (DNV and AusNet Services).” -Cameron Munro, Development Manager at Meadow Creek Solar Farm. The announcement of the Meadow Creek award follows the appointment earlier this year of Lucas Sadler to Vice President of Sales and Business Development, APAC, a 30 year veteran within the renewable energy, energy management and storage industry with extensive experience in engineering, procurement, and delivery of both short duration and long duration energy storage systems. Mr. Sadler has since been building out the local infrastructures and customer support team in Australia given the strategic growth priority within the region. The Award from Meadow Creek follows earlier announcements of Gravity Energy Storage Systems (GESS) development on a multi-GWh basis in Australia with Korea Zinc’s subsidiary, Ark Energy, and a previously announced MOU with BHP. This further demonstrates the strategic priority of Australia as a key growth market for Energy Vault, and the market adoption of Energy Vault’s solutions and software approach to its customers’ diverse energy storage requirements. About Energy Vault Energy Vault develops and deploys sustainable energy storage solutions designed to transform the world's approach to utility-scale energy storage in realizing decarbonization while maintaining grid resiliency. The company's proprietary gravity-based energy storage technology, battery storage technology, and energy storage management and integration platform are intended to help utilities, independent power producers, and large industrial energy users significantly reduce their Levelized energy costs while maintaining power reliability. Utilizing eco-friendly materials with the ability to integrate waste materials for beneficial reuse, Energy Vault is facilitating the shift to a circular economy while accelerating the clean energy transition for its customers. For additional information, please visit www.energyvault.com.

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Enel announces intentions to build solar pv cell & panel manufacturing facility in u.s.

Enel North America | November 18, 2022

Enel North America, through its affiliate 3Sun USA, LLC, announced its intention to build an industrial-scale production facility in the US for the manufacturing of innovative, sustainable and American-made photovoltaic (PV) modules. The proposed facility is expected to have a minimum production capacity of 3 GW with the possibility to scale production to 6 GW annually and is anticipated to create up to 1,500 new direct jobs by 2025. The facility is expected to be among the first in the United States to produce solar cells, the fundamental building block of PV modules. "Recent policy tailwinds from the Inflation Reduction Act have served as a catalyst for our solar manufacturing ambitions in the US, ushering in a new era of made-in-America energy, With this announcement, it is our intention to bolster a robust domestic solar supply chain that accelerates and strengthens the US's transition to clean energy. In doing so, we are creating thousands of new jobs, supporting local economies and providing stability to the solar industry." -Enrico Viale, head of Enel North America. Currently, Enel is evaluating possible sites for the new factory and expects to begin construction in mid-2023. It's anticipated that the first panels will be available to the market by the end of 2024. Fewer than five large-scale solar module manufacturing facilities (over 1 GW) are currently operating in the US, while annual US solar PV installations are projected to grow from 16 GW in 2022 to 41 GW by the end of 2025, according to Wood Mackenzie. Enel will leverage its expertise and experience from its 3Sun Gigafactory in Catania, Italy, which is set to become Europe's largest factory producing high-performance bifacial photovoltaic modules. Enel intends to replicate the Gigafactory factory in the US to produce bifacial heterojunction (B-HJT) PV cells that capture more sunlight as the cells can respond to light on both front and rear surfaces. 3Sun is already a market leader in producing high-efficiency cells, breaking a record in 2020 by achieving 24.63% efficiency. Through an ambitious R&D program, the PV panels will be further developed to also incorporate a tandem structure, which utilizes two stacked cells that allows for more light to be captured compared to single-cell structures, yielding higher overall cell efficiency. The combination of bifacial PV panels and tandem cell structure offers significant efficiency improvements, which will enable PV modules to exceed 30% efficiency, securing higher average energy production. The technology's lower degradation ensures a longer useful life for modules, and the cells' high density is conducive to a variety of applications, including land-constrained utility-scale installations or rooftops. About Enel North America Enel North America, part of the Enel Group, is a clean energy leader in North America and is working to electrify the economy and build a net-zero carbon future by decarbonizing energy supply, electrifying transportation, creating resilient grids, and promoting a just, equitable transition. Enel North America serves over 4,500 businesses, utilities, and cities through renewable power generation, demand response, distributed energy resources, smart e-mobility solutions and services, energy trading, advisory and consulting services, and more. Its portfolio includes over 8 GW of utility-scale renewable capacity, 606.8 MW of utility-scale energy storage and 63 MW of distributed energy storage capacity, 4.7 GW of demand response capacity, and 110,000 electric vehicle charging stations. Visit enelnorthamerica.com and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube to learn more.

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Captain Watts visits Marlec, a UK company & the longest standing micro wind turbine manufacturer in the world. Known for the Rutland Wind Charger, we run through the basic requirements for capturing wind energy using a wind generator on your boat or yacht.