Mon Power and Potomac Edison Propose Solar Energy Projects in West Virginia

FirstEnergy | November 24, 2021

Solar Energy
Mon Power and Potomac Edison, subsidiaries of FirstEnergy Corp., have submitted an application to the Public Service Commission of West Virginia for approval to build five utility-scale solar energy projects throughout the companies' West Virginia service territory. Together, the facilities would generate 50 megawatts of clean, renewable energy to help make West Virginia more attractive for business development.

The application supports a 2020 bill passed by the West Virginia legislature that authorizes electric utilities to own and operate up to 200 megawatts of renewable generation facilities to help meet the state's electricity needs. The addition of new renewable generation also encourages economic development in West Virginia, as a growing number of companies require that a portion of the electricity they purchase be generated by renewable sources.

Many of our customers have expressed strong interest in solar power in recent years, and we are excited about the opportunity to meet the growing demand for renewable energy in our service territory while supporting West Virginia's economic development goals."

Jim Myers, President of FirstEnergy's West Virginia operations

If the program is approved, Mon Power would build, own and operate the five solar facilities, and the energy produced would be available for purchase by Mon Power and Potomac Edison customers in West Virginia. Customers who participate in the program would receive the equivalent of one solar renewable energy credit (SREC) for each megawatt hour of energy purchased. To help ensure the development of clean, renewable energy in the state, the cost of the solar generation would be paid for by Mon Power and Potomac Edison customers in West Virginia through a nominal solar surcharge until all the energy credits are purchased by program participants.

Once approved, procurement, groundbreaking and permitting would begin on the first phase of solar facilities as soon as 2022, with all five expected to be completed before the end of 2025.

Four of the five proposed sites are on property owned by Mon Power or its affiliates, and the fifth location is still under review. The sites include:

  • A 26-acre reclaimed ash disposal site in Berkeley County
  • A 51-acre site adjacent to a Mon Power substation in Hancock County
  • A 95-acre site in Monongalia County
  • A 44-acre reclaimed strip mine property in Tucker County

"We believe this is an exciting new use for several underutilized properties that will diversify our energy sources with clean, renewable options and help us continue to provide safe, reliable power to our customers in West Virginia," added Myers.

Mon Power serves about 395,000 customers in 34 West Virginia counties.

Potomac Edison serves about 275,000 customers in seven counties in Maryland and 151,000 customers in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

About FirstEnergy
FirstEnergy is dedicated to integrity, safety, reliability and operational excellence. Its 10 electric distribution companies form one of the nation's largest investor-owned electric systems, serving customers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, Maryland and New York. The company's transmission subsidiaries operate approximately 24,000 miles of transmission lines that connect the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions.


Solar power is a booming industry, but some states are more friendly to solar energy businesses than others. Watch our latest Solar Basics video to learn which states take the lead in solar-friendly regulations, number of sunny days and overall solar friendliness

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Proteum Energy and Istmo Energy Sign MOU For Production of Low Cost, Clean Hydrogen in the Permian Basin

Proteum Energy | December 18, 2021

Proteum Energy, LLC entered a binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Istmo Energy LLC, headquartered in Fort Worth Texas, to negotiate the terms by which Proteum Energy™ will provide low cost, low carbon intensity hydrogen to Istmo for production of "ultra-low sulfur diesel" and clean hydrogen for delivery to offtake customers in the Permian Basin, Mexico and California markets. Istmo Energy is pleased to have the option to leverage our onsite de-ethanizers to produce hydrogen from ethane for our hydrotreaters, while at the same time offer additional clean hydrogen sales in the Permian region." Alex Gutierrez, Principal and Co-Founder of Istmo Energy About Istmo Energy Istmo Energy is a midstream and downstream greenfield export platform to connect and meet the needs of poorly served markets harnessing wealth that lies within the Delaware Basin. Istmo Energy was formed by oil and gas industry professionals with decades of experience in the Mexican and US energy markets, and a solid Advisory Board consisting of industry leaders in the Energy, Financial, Legal and Regulatory space on both sides of the US/Mexico border. About Proteum Energy™ Headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, Proteum is a producer of low carbon, low-cost clean hydrogen from renewable ethanol, ethane and NGLs. With its patented and proven reformation system, Proteum can provide fuel cell grade clean hydrogen for heavy-duty transportation, low carbon hydrogen-rich designer fuels for power plants, and direct hydrogen pipeline production and injection at natural gas processing plants.

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Pedego Owner Uses Platform to Give Back; Opens Pedego E-Bike Store in Atlanta With Philanthropic Commitment

Pedego Atlanta | May 20, 2022

Pedego Atlanta, is independently owned and operated by Kathy Woirol and offers a full range of e-bike sales, rentals, services, and accessories. Pedego Electric Bikes is an award-winning electric bike company with sixteen unique models and over 200 brick and mortar stores. Kathy Woirol was ready for a change and wanted to invest in something that would help her and the Atlanta community live a healthy lifestyle. Woirol found the perfect opportunity within Pedego to become a business owner, an entrepreneur and establish space in Atlanta, all in one. Since opening her store in 2021, she began to integrate herself and her Pedego store into the community. Pedego has found great success in their non-franchise retail model over the past 13 years, and continues to hit the throttle on opening physical stores. By offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to become independent store owners, Pedego separates its success from the rest and is set to open over one store a week across North America throughout 2022. Woirol has served her community by working with the organization Bearings Bike Works, a nonprofit that operates by focusing on four unique development skills programs, which teaches children ages 6-18 how to build and repair bicycles. Kids meet weekly and develop hard skills, soft skills, and character strengths that can impact and make a difference. These children have an opportunity to earn bikes through the program as well. Since learning about the mission of Bearings Bike Works, Woirol has sought to contribute to their efforts. Specifically, Woirol has helped Bearings Bike Works by donating a Pedego bike to be raffled off at their annual fundraiser. Woirol anticipates increasing her work with Bearings Bike Works and beyond - finding as many outlets as possible to fully integrate herself into the Atlanta community. "When I moved to Atlanta, I was ready to put down roots, and for me, a big part of that was to find opportunities to engage in the community, While getting up to speed on the biking market in Atlanta, I came across Bearings Bike Works and it seemed like a perfect fit! I love that they focus on kids, provide a safe place to hang out after school and best of all, empower kids to learn, build and earn a bike of their own. We've partnered on several events now, and I look forward to a continued relationship with Bearings. I hope one day to hire a Bearings "graduate" to work at Pedego Atlanta!" -Kathy Woirol, owner of Pedego Atlanta. Pedego Electric Bikes, Headquartered in Orange County, California, has built a brand on a complete line of class-leading electric bikes, from cruisers to fat tire trail bikes, an industry leading 5-year warranty and a network of locally-owned dealers available for customization and regular on-site servicing. Pedego Atlanta is close to many trails and is located on the Atlanta BeltLine, which is a 22-mile rails to trail system around the core of the city. The city also offers many paths and safe city biking lanes. About Pedego Atlanta Pedego Atlanta is located at 414 Bill Kennedy Way SE Suite 101, Atlanta, GA 30316, and offers e-bikes for rental and purchase, as well as bike mechanic service and professional assembly to suit all Pedego e-biking needs. About Pedego® Electric Bikes Founded in 2008, Pedego® is the leading brand of electric bikes in North America. Pedego is famous for premium quality, five-star local service, and an industry leading five year warranty. A complete line of 19 electric bike models are available at over 200 locally-owned Pedego stores that offer sales, rentals, tours, accessories, and service.

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Data Centers Can Support the Electric Grid in a Boost to Global Renewable Energy and Sustainability Initiatives, According to an Omdia Survey

Omdia | February 08, 2022

A ground-breaking survey by research group Omdia showed that within the next four years data center operators will deploy uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) which are able to interact with the electric grid and support essential energy-management initiatives. The use of renewable energy is growing on all fronts and is becoming the new normal in the data center industry. The integration of variable renewable energy resources into a more dynamic electric grid comes with new challenges and technical requirements. Data centers are in a unique position to increase the reliability of the electric grid by allowing access to a part of their backup power systems. Data center UPSs have evolved to attain high efficiency, smaller footprints, improved battery energy storage systems (ESS), and monitoring systems. Smart grid ready UPSs incorporate technologies that enable the equipment to sense and interact with the electric grid, helping data centers to become smarter about the amount and timing of energy consumption, contributing to the pursuit of a more sustainable data center. The integration of renewable energy into the smart electric grid can benefit from smart grid ready UPS, to smooth out the unpredictability of renewable resources, balancing energy supply and demand, and to reduce or defer electric grid infrastructure investment. Manufacturers like Eaton, Schneider Electric, and Vertiv are already offering UPSs with these capabilities.” Moises Levy, PhD, Principal Analyst and lead of Omdia’s data center power, cooling and sustainability research practice To capture all viewpoints of this critical subject, Omdia surveyed a combination of data center operators, engineering, architecture and consulting firms, as well as, utility companies, across North America, the Nordics, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, and Australia. The nearly 380 respondents indicated that the top driver for adopting smart grid ready UPS is contributing to sustainability initiatives. This was followed by technology innovation pioneer, and reputation and competitive advantage. Importantly, the lion’s share* of respondents indicate they are confident that using smart grid ready UPS will not put their mission critical workloads at risk. Cloud service providers were pointed out as the vertical that is most likely to benefit from smart grid ready UPS by nearly half of the survey respondents. However, enterprises from all vertical industries are a part of the conversation as long as they operate a data center. From a regional perspective, the Nordics, and UK and Ireland are the two regions leading the number of UPS with capabilities to interact with the grid being deployed. About 80% of respondents estimated that 10-50% of the capacity of batteries in the data center today is excess and can be potentially used to support the electric grid. This would be a significant enabler to the integration of variable renewable energy sources into the electric grid. Most respondents indicated that solar and wind were the two microgrid applications which would most benefit from utilizing this technology. “The data center industry is the backbone of the digital economy and has enabled significant efficiencies in how we conduct business, communicate with one another, and develop innovative technologies. From this perspective the data centers are already a force for good which is making the world more sustainable. With emergence and proliferation of smart grid ready UPS technology data centers are enabling an even more sustainable world,” said Vlad Galabov, Research Director at Omdia’s Cloud and Data Center Research Practice. The Omdia Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Intelligence Service covers comprehensive insights and forecast of the UPS hardware and services markets. Omdia’s UPS trackers continue to evolve and build on our existing, detailed database of the market. Using the reports clients can master with detailed data, trends, forecasts, and trusted insights. * 77% (very confident and confident), and 98% (including somewhat confident) About Omdia Omdia is a leading research and advisory group focused on the technology industry. With clients operating in over 120 countries, Omdia provides market-critical data, analysis, advice and custom consulting. Omdia was formed in 2020 following the merger of IHS Markit, Tractica, Ovum and Heavy Reading. Sitting at the heart of the Informa Tech portfolio, Omdia reaches over four million technology decision makers, influencers and practitioners that form part of the wider Informa Tech community and has specialist research practices focusing on Enterprise IT, AI, Internet of Things, Communications Service Providers, Cybersecurity, Components & Devices, Media & Entertainment and Government & Manufacturing.

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Scout Clean Energy Appoints Mark McGrail as Chief Commercial Officer

Scout Clean Energy | February 03, 2022

Scout Clean Energy, LLC ('Scout'), a Colorado based renewable energy developer, owner, and operator, is pleased to announce that renewables industry veteran Mark McGrail has joined as Chief Commercial Officer, further strengthening Scout's executive leadership team. Our business continues to experience strong growth stemming from a successfully diversified asset portfolio across multiple renewables technologies and storage. This is an important time to bolster our senior bench as we seek to optimize our 1.2 GW operating portfolio and bring our substantial pipeline of utility scale wind, solar and storage projects through development and construction over the next few years. We are excited to welcome Mark as CCO and a member of the executive team along with John Clapp (CFO), Andrew Young (COO) and me." Michael Rucker, Scout Founder and CEO Mark brings over 23 years of energy industry experience to the Scout platform, including 14 years specializing in renewables. Mark is an energy industry veteran with deep expertise in the development, operation, and management of large-scale renewable energy assets and is excited to help Scout navigate this next growth phase. He was formerly the Vice President / Chief Commercial Officer for the Global Power Generation division of Enel Green Power North America where he was responsible for overseeing commercial offtake contracts with corporate, utility, banking and insurance customers. "I am impressed with the growth and expansion Scout has achieved in recent years," said McGrail. "The level of executive talent across Scout's development and asset management teams demonstrates an unmatched depth of experience in the renewable space. I am proud to bring my skills and experience to bear on behalf of Scout and look forward to helping the team execute on a number of different large scale and high-quality renewable projects for its corporate partners and investors." About Scout Clean Energy Scout Clean Energy is a renewable energy developer, owner-operator headquartered in Boulder, Colorado with over 1,200 MW of operating assets. Scout is actively developing a portfolio of over 12,000 MW of onshore wind, solar PV, and battery storage projects across 17 US states. Scout has expertise in all aspects of renewables project development, permitting, power marketing, finance, construction, 24/7 operations, and asset management. Scout is a portfolio company of Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners. About Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners is a specialist investment manager focused exclusively on renewables, storage and grid support infrastructure and operational asset management in the US, UK, and Australia. Quinbrook is led and managed by a senior team of power industry professionals who have collectively invested c.USD 8.2 billion equity in energy infrastructure assets since the early 1990s, representing a total enterprise value of c.USD 28.7 billion or 19.5 GW of power supply capacity. Quinbrook has completed a diverse range of direct investments in both utility and distributed scale onshore wind and solar power, battery storage, reserve peaking capacity, biomass, fugitive methane recovery, hydro and flexible energy management solutions in the US, UK, and Australia.

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Solar power is a booming industry, but some states are more friendly to solar energy businesses than others. Watch our latest Solar Basics video to learn which states take the lead in solar-friendly regulations, number of sunny days and overall solar friendliness